Scottish Premiership side, Hearts, have been ranked the top Scottish side in a social media league table produced by PR and social media agency, Umpf.

The Sport Social Media Index ranks 148 professional sports teams across football, rugby and cricket, and measures them across three elements. The research is compiled by a team of seven people that analyse the teams performance across eight social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Community growth and engagement are two key metrics analysed on Twitter and Facebook. The breadth of content is also taken into consideration, including video, images and official apps. This element accounts for 70% of a teams score.

That analysis is then passed onto three official judges. Scores from the judges are added together and averaged out to give an additional score for each individual team. This part of the process accounts for 30% of the overall score.

The third and final element looks at those big social media “no-no’s”. Teams are marked down for duplicated content, if a hashtag wasn’t used or used inappropriately, as well as continued mistakes with spelling and grammar and any idle periods on each social channel.

All the elements are added together and teams are given a final score out of 100. Hearts finished top of the Scottish table with 72.68 out of 100, and placed in 1oth in the overall table out of 148. Last years top club in Scotland, St Johnstone, dropped to 7th place this year.

Hearts top Scottish Social Media Table

English Championship club, Ipswich, topped the overall table, with a score of 79.51 out of 100. Something for our clubs to aim for next year.