HotMic is a live interactive streaming platform that provides the opportunity to host live watchalong streams with fans or friends.

They’re on the lookout for clubs or fan media groups to partner up with ahead of the Euros this summer. If you can’t quite get together in person then this could be the perfect platform to interact with each other during Scotland’s matches throughout the tournament.

Across the past year with fans not being allowed in grounds up and down the country some have flocked to platforms like Twitch and YouTube to try and replicate that experience of watching matches with friends and fellow fans. We’ve seen Pure Fitbaw launch Pure Goals on Twitch and Goggsy99 bring us Pass the Mic on YouTube. Both encourage as many people as possible to get involved and interact with the hosts on screen while watching along with the match action. HotMic gives you that same ability to live stream and interact, but opens up some additional opportunities to capture fan data, run polls or games. It was “built to bring fans to an event and keep them there.”

One of the big advantages HotMic has over the likes of Twitch and YouTube is their ability to sync a live stream to a fan’s TV to avoid spoilers. This has been a big issue across Scottish football this season with the varying quality of club TV streams and some fans having issues and being behind others. It’ll be the perfect solution for Scotland Euros watch parties this summer.

HotMic worked with Rangers during the 2020/21 season. They used it as an additional way to engage and earn from fans while they watched from home. They hosted a virtual watch party with Clive Tyldesley and Jermain Defoe for one of their Europa League matches. Fans were able to watch the match along with interacting with both hosts and fellow fans in the chat feature, all the while Rangers were able to weave sponsor activations into the mix too. It ticked multiple boxes.

Rangers fan media site and podcast, Heart and Hand, have signed up to use HotMic as well off the back of the club’s success with the platform. They told Sports Marketing Scotland that they see it as a “brilliant way to interact with [their] audience.” Throughout Covid there’s been a rise in trying any way possible to watch the matches with your friends. Heart and Hand see HotMic as a great way to do that, with the ability to bring viewers points into their on-screen podcasters discussions, bringing that feel of being surrounded by friends as opposed to just watching it on your own. As things start to open up again they’re still planning on using the platform for all Rangers matches, and more live TV games like the Euros this summer.

After signing up numerous partners across US sport, HotMic are now looking to venture more into the UK market and are looking for sports clubs or media partners to sync up with. I’ve already provided a shortlist of names for them to target across Scotland, but if you’re interested in partnering with them then get in touch at

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