Reviewing the Scottish Cup Toolkit

Since I began Sports Marketing Scotland, the Scottish FA have been continually trying new things in order to be at the forefront of the game in our country. As pointed out in our interview with ex-Social Content Producer, David Childs, the team were given plenty of...

Growing the Game: Futsal in Scotland

Growth is like the holy grail. It’s high up on the list of aims for most, and clubs and organisations across Scottish sport are no different there. How does a sport grow from almost a standing start though? In this piece I’ll offer some ideas on how I think futsal in...

Behind the Scenes: A Hibs Matchday

Making the journey to the ground. Turning the corner and catching a glimpse of the stadium. Going through the turnstile. Getting your pie and Bovril. Cheering the goals and moaning at the misses. We all live for matchday as football fans.

The SJFA reacts – is it too little, too late?

Scottish football has been accused of going stale in the last few years, with the lower league journey of a reformed Rangers completed and Celtic continuing their domestic domination under Brendan Rodgers. However, one overlooked change may be about to bear fruit, and in doing so revitalise the lower reaches of the football pyramid.

A Revolutionary Approach to Football

Being ambitious, being innovative and aiming high aren’t phrases I’d commonly associate with most Scottish football clubs. I’ve been critical of “the way it’s always been done” approach on numerous occasions over the past few years, and that’s why I’m excited to see...