The clocks recently went forward by an hour, signifying the beginning of daylight saving time and the promise of longer days and (hopefully) warmer temperatures. It does also, sadly, bring with it the final stretch of most sports seasons. But sport never sleeps and even with games still left to be played this season and trophies waiting for a new home, the preparations for the new season have already started. A major aspect of this preparation is the season ticket videos that sports clubs make to encourage fans to either renew or buy a season ticket for the coming season.

I’ve been lucky enough to get the chance to work with the media and PR team at Glasgow’s Braehead Clan, and take an active part in the creation of this year’s season ticket promotional video. The slogan chosen for the video for the 2017/2018 season is ‘Join the battle, join the Purple Army’. This is effectively a back-to-basics promotional video with a simple but powerful message.

The idea of ‘join the battle’ is to highlight the sense of family that comes with the club; really building on the image of the team and the fans as a joined Clan who win and lose- and most importantly fight, together. The gloomy highland background adds to the image that we want to portray, and is also cohesive with the very serious faces of the fans in the video.

It’s a simple yet highly effective short video – the only word spoken is the Clan battle cry at the very end. The point of this being that the video should speak for itself, a clear message is shown: fans are gearing up and getting ready for the coming battles. The video starts with war paint in Clan colors (purple with black and white) being applied to the fans’ faces, and then we hear the beat of the ‘Section N’ drum (present at all Clan games). After each fan takes their turn to stare down the camera, the video ends with everyone together and the CLAN battle cry.

The people chosen for the video represent the diversity of the Clan fans – from young to old, male and female, all are welcome at the Clan and everyone who features in the video are regulars at every game. This authenticity is important, because it allows fans to see the familiar faces that are around the arena every match day, rather than having them be represented by strangers. Using real people also highlights the club’s focus on the fans – the match day experience and fan connection at Braehead Clan is second to none and this was an important point to portray in the season ticket video.

This ‘culture creation’ is a conscious decision that runs through everything the Clan does and, in an almost tribal way, the video hopefully sends out a call to arms to all the fans, and lets them know that they are needed for the coming battles. To highlight the importance and appreciation of the fans the club has once again frozen the season ticket price.

To make it easier to submit season ticket applications, the club also placed a purple post box at the last home games of the season, where the fans could submit their forms. This was shared by the managing director of the Cardiff Devils, stating his admiration of the idea.

Braehead Clan Season Ticket Postbox

The ‘Purple Postbox’

This video and images from it have been utilised across all media channels appearing on all the Clan’s social media. As such, it was important that the video was simple and straightforward in getting its message across, and it appears to have worked. In the first week 60% of sales were from first time season ticket buyers, and the sales rates have been extremely positive. This comes as no big surprise though, as the Clan have gone from strength to strength every season since their first in 2010. The amount of season ticket holders has steadily increased and it looks like that trend will almost certainly continue as the best hockey team in Scotland prepare for the battles to come in the 2017/2018 season.